Rakhi Roy offers several products and services. Book a free introduction call or purchase the meal plan to get started. If you are ready to improve your quality of life, select one of the additional offers below.

Rakhi follows a strategy based on Testing-Not-Guessing as she works with clients to find the root cause. She will work alongside you, using professional tools-of-the-trade to create a report used to customize your individual needs.

Rakhi works as a consultant for a range of needs, from new clients, post-program follow-ups, to consultations for professionals in the industry.

Nutrition Intro Call

We are currently only offering TSW & Eczema wound healing consultations at this time, please book the 60 minute consult if this seems a right fit for you

Confused about the right diet or supplements for your skin type, digestive issues, or weight? Stop the confusion & Book a FREE 20-minute call to see if coaching is right for you!

Services include:
  • Access to private app

  • Weekly check-in support

  • Nutritional testing

  • Private messaging and online teleconferencing

  • Recipe guides tailored to your food allergies, intolerances, & sensitivities

  • Supplement recommendations right for you

Nutrition Intro Call
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The Meal Plan Is Easy

60 Minute Wound Healing Consultation

1 hour consultation by phone or video chat $120 $150

Ideal for TSW & Eczema

What you’ll get out of this consultation:
  • Understand which dressings & washes are appropriate for your skin healing stage

  • Nutrients to consider in your diet & calorie, protein needs calculated specific for you (custom personalized meal plans, supplements & testing not included in this plan SEE VIP Package to upgrade)

  • The skin healing timeline and follow up progress


VIP Package

Ideal for our most motivated clients (Spots are full)
  • Initial consultation + Starter Meal Guide

  • 5 Follow Up calls

  • Customized personalized nutrition & mindset coaching (no-cookie cutter plans here)

  • Flexible approach to eating

  • Education & Handouts

  • Recipe and shopping ideas

  • Weekly to Bi-weekly support check-ins

  • Optional Add-on micronutrient and gut testing

  • Supplement guidance

  • Referral to on-team aestheticians for personalized skincare routine right for you

VIP Package with chart

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Get started now with Rakhi’s sample meal plan!

The guide is a great introduction to foods that promote greater skin and digestive health. While there is no one-diet that fits all, the sample meal plan was developed with common considerations for sufferers of food allergies, inflammatory skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, TSW) using a gut-centered approach.