Rakhi Roy offers several products and services. Book a free introduction call or purchase the meal plan to get started. If you are ready to improve your quality of life, select one of the additional offers below.

Rakhi follows works with clients to find the root cause. She will work alongside you, to create a report used to customize your individual needs.

Rakhi works as a consultant for a range of needs, from new clients, post-program follow-ups, to consultations for professionals in the industry.

Nutrition Intro Call


Confused about the right diet or supplements for your skin type, digestive issues, or weight? Stop the confusion & Book a FREE 20-minute call to see if coaching is right for you!

Services include:
  • Access to private app

  • Weekly check-in support

  • Nutritional testing

  • Private messaging and online teleconferencing

  • Recipe guides tailored to your food allergies, intolerances, & sensitivities

  • Supplement recommendations right for you

Nutrition Intro Call
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The Meal Plan Is Easy

60 Minute Wound Healing Consultation


Ideal for TSW & Eczema

What you’ll get out of this consultation:
  • Understand which dressings & skin care practices are appropriate for your skin healing stage

  • Nutrients to consider in your diet such as protein calculated specific for you (custom personalized meal plans, supplements & testing not included in this plan SEE VIP Package to upgrade)

  • The skin healing timeline ** Follow ups may be needed after this introductory assessment.


VIP Package

Ideal for our most motivated clients (Spots are full)
  • Initial consultation + Starter Meal Guide

  • 5 Follow Up calls

  • Customized personalized nutrition & mindset coaching (no-cookie cutter plans here)

  • Flexible approach to eating

  • Education & Handouts

  • Recipe and shopping ideas

  • Weekly to Bi-weekly support check-ins

  • Optional Add-on micronutrient and gut testing

  • Supplement guidance

  • Referral to on-team aestheticians for personalized skincare routine right for you


Are you a returning client in need of a follow-up with Rakhi?

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Get started now with Rakhi’s sample meal plan!

The guide is a great introduction to foods that promote greater skin and digestive health. While there is no one-diet that fits all, the sample meal plan was developed with common considerations for sufferers of food allergies, inflammatory skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, TSW) using a gut-centered approach.